A teacher and business coach who had heard about imagery’s benefits for her clients and students, learns about it first-hand, when a friend gives her a Successful Surgery CD just before her hysterectomy.. Dear Health Journeys,
As a business coach, I had heard about the benefits of imagery for helping people with their professional goals, but for me, the most visceral example of its potency came around my surgery. A friend sent me some imagery for Successful Surgery, in time for me to listen to it prior to my hysterectomy. I found it exquisitely healing and supportive. Even now, I listen to it every day to support my healing, and am amazed at how relaxed and restored I feel.

I got so excited about this approach that I’ve since sampled many other forms of imagery for many other kinds of circumstances. This method is fabulous!!! I am working on applying it to all kinds of situations in my coaching practice and with my teaching as a graduate school faculty member.

Lauretta Darnell