A Free Report: Kicking the Habit - Ten Keys to Positive Change

For those of you who celebrate the Jewish New Year, everyone at HJ wishes you a happy, healthy 5775!

I love the ritual of wiping the slate clean and starting over – forgiving others for their offenses and asking for forgiveness for our own. If you've ever tried it, you know it's not so easy to do – either side of the equation. And it creates its own state of mindfulness as we try to stay in that enlightened "fresh and new" space.

And speaking of shaping up and beginning anew, you really must check out Traci Stein's free wellness report – Kicking the Habit: Ten Keys to Positive Change, on how to dump dysfunctional old habits and acquire some healthy new ones – in other words, create positive change in your life, even if it feels like it's impossibly difficult or even hopeless.

That's how I felt about quitting cigarettes back in 1969, when I was addicted up to my eyeballs to a two and a half pack-a-day habit (of non-filtered Camels, no less!) and couldn't imagine how I was going to stop, even though I really wanted to. Ultimately I succeeded, and it was so difficult, I never smoked again, because I never, ever wanted to have to quit again.

2215BLooking over Traci's report, I see that I intuitively did much of what she writes about in this wonderfully practical, user-friendly report. Traci really breaks it down and spells it out, making change manageable and do-able.

Check it out and send it on to friends, colleagues, clients and even your own kids if you think they can stand one more helpful suggestion from you.

Additionally, she's got the right kind of research-proven, mind-body tools to back up her roadmap.

Traci's unique kind of guided self-hypnosis is hugely popular – people love her content, the sound of her voice and the way it blends so beautifully with Steve Kohn's exquisite music.

Traci's audio program, Guided Self-Hypnosis to Help Release Old Habits: Creating Positive Change, is the perfect tool for getting people who crave change off the dime and into a supported path of self-improvement, in all the ways they wish for.

Use the report and the audio program for yourself if you want to dump a bad habit or launch a grand new one; or, if you're a therapist, coach, educator, trainer or healthcare professional, you probably should have both of these tools in your bag of therapeutic tricks for your peeps.

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