Hello! I am a student physical therapist and am working at one of my clinical rotations right now. I have noticed several patients could benefit from guided imagery to help them relax. Do you have any short sessions, between 10-15 minutes? Patients will often have a hot or cold pack, etc for 10-15 minutes and I would love to try a guided imagery session at the same time, since we shut the lights off anyways to help promote relaxation. Thank you for your time.

Dear Karl,
That’s a great idea, and yes, there are several short pieces I can suggest to you.  Many physical therapists like to use guided imagery to augment the work they’re doing with their patients.

For one thing, the awesome and prolific Emmett Miller’s Ten-Minute Stress Manager, is a good bet and, as promised, is only 10 minutes; David Illig’s Reduce Stress & Anxiety, is Ericksonian hypnosis at its finest, and, as such, you can really start it and stop it wherever you like, because it’s not like there’s a hard-and-fast sequence you have to follow. Tracy Carreon also has three lovely guided imagery meditations that are brief and very effective on her CD, A Moment’s Peace.  And in a pinch, you can always use the first part of one of my guided imagery audios - the meditative breathing and the ‘go to your favorite place’ part - it starts out most of my titles, and lasts only a few minutes - usually 5 or 6.  

And finally, because you’re a physical therapist, you really should know about the wonderful work of psychologist and hypnotherapist Carol Ginandes, who’s created a program specifically for Rapid Recovery from Injury. And although it’s a very comprehensive, 6-week program, you can easily excerpt some of the meditations and use them during your work with injured patients for some double-whammy benefits!  

I hope this helps!  And good luck with your new career!

All best,