We just got this testimonial to a fabulous nurse and had to share it, because it gives us hope for our messed up health care system, and besides, great nurses should know how much they are appreciated . . . In these days of terrible health care, I had to write, because I just got the most amazing, caring treatment from a nurse at the hospital I just left. Jim was kind, compassionate and competent. He discovered my IV wasn’t dripping properly and promptly fixed it. He gave me a back rub and massaged my feet. He caught the fact that I was mistakenly given salted food and sent it back and got it switched. He joked with me and lifted my spirits. He was respectful at all times. Unlike some of the nurses who barged into my room with loud voices and false cheer (very grating!), his demeanor was just right. Too bad I couldn’t take him home with me. He was a peach. I salute all great nurses everywhere and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Mobile, Alabama Patient