The Connection Between Healthy Boundaries & Codependency

We got this question from a man asking about guided imagery for healthy boundaries and BR replied that she inadvertently already answered that question the previous week when dealing with a query about guided imagery to help with codependency issues, because they are different faces to the same coin. See below:


Do you have any guided imagery for healthy boundaries?

Jason K.


Hey, Jason,

I think I inadvertently answered your question about healthy boundaries last week, when I replied to the question about guided imagery for co-dependency issues, which is a variation on the same theme.

All the tools you would need for repairing the integrity of your boundaries and helping you distinguish the perception of what is "self" vs. what is "not self", are in my answer about codependency, which is a common way that unhealthy boundaries can be expressed in a relationship.

So if you check out that answer, I think that will be your answer too.

Best of luck and thanks for the question.

All best,


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