Your Guided Imagery for Fibromyalgia Sounds Generic to Me. How Is It Specific to FM?


I've downloaded A Meditation to Help With Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue among others.

Unlike the other meditations I've downloaded, this sounds very general, nothing specific to fibromyalgia and CFS. Can you please confirm I've downloaded what I have purchased?

Many thanks,

Hello, Luca.

Our office checked the records and they report that you have ordered our imagery for Healthy Immune System, Anger & Forgiveness, and FM/CFS. So you do have that audio program.

And in reading over the script, I can see why you might feel it's very general. Actually, the most FM-specific images are toward the middle-end of the program - and everything before it builds up to provide you with a hyper-receptive and relaxed altered state, so you will take in those images that much more deeply when you finally get to them. And some of the relaxation is deliberately designed to inspire feelings of love and gratitude, which elevate serotonin levels, which in turn act like an analgesic for the aches and pains involved with FM.

There is a high percentage of people with FM who’ve experienced Posttraumatic Stress; and a high incidence of people with PTS having FM. There is evidence to suggest that FM is strongly related to the alternating waves of biochemicals involved with traumatic stress, fluxing back and forth as the body seeks to regain equilibrium and balance. These waves of alarm biochemicals followed by sedating ones leave pain-generating kinins in the muscle fiber and organs. (Massage therapists can often feel them in the muscle - they're like crunchy little crystalline substances under their fingers. as they knead the muscle tissue.)

So there's a lot of flushing and oxygenating in the physiological imagery to remind the body to keep moving that crystalized gunk out of there.

And because fibromyalgia is mostly seen as an autoimmune condition, there is also cellular imagery designed to encourage the immune cells to calm down and be more discriminating, and stop going overboard, attacking some of your own healthy tissue.

You will also find corresponding psychological imagery, reminding you to quit being so hard on yourself, just like those over-zealous immune cells. (There seems to be a connection between the patterns of the cells with some of these conditions and the psyche).

And because stress can wreak havoc on people with fibromyalgia, there is end state imagery of imagining yourself meeting challenging circumstances with a balanced, steady calm.

So that's about it. Here's the script section below, so you can see what I'm trying to get at with the images:

Sensing healing hands… gentle and respectful…. but adept and skillful too… placed exactly where needed… massaging and loosening muscle and tissue… warming and easing the hurting places… and you can feel the toughened fibers in the muscle respond… gratefully melting back into their original pliable flexibility… as circulation increases… flowing through the softened fibers… flushing out any debris that might have collected there….cleansing and clearing… sending toxins on their way…

And feeling the healing touch of warm hands on your midriff… and the small of your back… soft waves of pulsing, healing energy infusing each and every organ… the liver, the spleen, the kidneys… each hard-working organ, gaining strength and power… so they can do their filtering work with even greater efficiency… capturing more and more residue…. and flushing it out…

All the while, feeling a peaceful calm and balance settle over your immune system… evening you out… filling you with quiet … as your heart becomes more and more peaceful… steady and calm… and you might be surprised… at the balanced, steady way you can meet the world.. with supple, liquid strength… and anything that might have jarred you in the past… is now modulated by the fluid, peaceful strength inside of you… and the cushion of energy around you… insulating and protecting you…

As more and more, you feel your mind getting clearer.. your body stronger… your heart fuller… your energy freer… propelled by each deep, powerful breath… in and out...

And you know that it is not just your body that is cleansing and clearing… but that you too are rinsing out the crusty debris of old guilt and self blame… flushing out harsh judgments against yourself… unfair expectations… old fears and worries… and washing them away … no longer willing to push yourself beyond your strength… or take on the feelings of others… or shoulder burdens that belong elsewhere…

And instead, you can breathe, deeply and fully… and focus inward… and listen to the wisdom of your body… telling you when to rest… how to respect your needs… and pace your energy… and take gentle good care of yourself… as your strength and vitality return… and your heart remembers the song it sings…

I hope this clarifies the imagery somewhat and you'll give it another shot. It really is more specific than it appears at first glance. Let me know if you're still unhappy with it.

All best,