A friend sent this piece about the work of Yehuda Duenyas, 38, who calls himself, “a creator of innovative experiences”. 

Part art installation, part geekazoidal techno-fest, part amusement park ride and part spiritual journey, this marriage between meditation, performance art, neuro-feedback, and over-the-top production values (comparable perhaps to Roger Waters recent performance of The Wall at Fenway Park??) is something to behold.  It’s called The Ascent and it was in Brooklyn until last week.

Bottom line:  users get to harness their brain’s own electrical impulses, measured through EEG readings, to levitate themselves... the ultimate form of biofeedback, you could say.  Focus your mind on nothingness and the colors turn blue while you ascend.  Get distracted, down you go in a red haze.   You can read about Ariel Kaminer’s experience here.  What a kick!