The Most Touching Guided Imagery Thank You….

It doesn't always happen, but when guided imagery works for a trauma survivor, it really works. We hear a lot from people who have benefited, and it always makes the whole HJ team feel really good.

One of the most touching thank you's BR has ever gotten just got posted last week on our blog, from "Wiser Now", a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, who was really able to respond to this method.

Belleruth says it's a wonderful thing to be able to help someone from afar, unbeknownst even to your own self, when you didn't even physically show up! That's truly the miracle of a digital intervention.

Here is the note and BR's response.

Wiser Now

9220I only know you, Belleruth, from listening to your guided imagery CD's, and you don't know me (from Adam), but I love you. I love you for your CD works that are healing my PTS caused by childhood sexual abuse injuries--inflicted by my mother, now deceased.

Belleruth, you're the one deserving of my Mother's Day cards. Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart!

<3 XOX


Wow, what an inspiring thank you! I'm deeply delighted that the imagery is working for you. Blessings and continued healing, strength, love and joy! And I proudly accept the position of Alternate Mom! :)

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