The mother of a 19-year-old soldier injured in Iraq and now in intensive care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, talks about the value of guided imagery for him and the family I’m the mom of a 19 year-old soldier, injured by an IED (improvised explosive device) in Iraq and now in intensive care at Walter Reed. He has wounds that paralyzed his legs and impaired the use of his left hand. He has much pain and confusion. His father and I are in a state of shock, as well. We are staying at a nearby hotel so we can be with him each day during this difficult time.

One of the nurses offered my son a guided imagery CD to help him calm himself between doses of morphine. It helped him and he requests it frequently. I’ve started listening to it too.

More tools like this are needed for families like us, as well as the injured soldier. We are all suffering from stress and fighting despair 24/7.

Thanks for creating these CDs.
Olivia and Albert M., Parents of Thomas