People, people, our new blog is here at last! We really like the look and feel of it, but more importantly, it’s now organized to smoothly deliver by health topic all the content we’ve been happily stashing away in our humongous archives for the past several years. So, for instance, if you hit "Headache", you get all the research, all the Q & A’s and all the inspiring stories that relate to headache. (And if you only want the research, as we know some of you do, that has its very own tab along the top.) Hopefully the new organization is self-explanatory and you’ll have a good time romping around in all this newly accessible content.

And of course now - finally! - you can comment on any article you wish, however and whenever the spirit moves you. Please do not hold back! We like to hear it all (and Lord knows, we have..) - all the ideas and opinions; all the praise and the scoldings; the networking and referrals; and all the helpful suggestions for others.

This is a work in progress, still being tweaked. So tell us what you think needs massaging and we’ll take it back to our designer. We apologize for the pages not all matching yet - our shopping cart and calendar still use the old design at the moment, but that will change.

And speaking of calendar, please do check out our events page for my new weekend workshops in New Orleans (Oct 4-5), Denver (Oct 11-12) and Salt Lake City (Nov 22-23). Reversing Panic Attacks, Acute Stress and PTSD: Powerful New Solutions to Formerly Intractable Problems - a 9-hour CE seminar for The Conferenceworks - includes the latest research and methods for using imagery and allied techniques for healing panic episodes, acute stress and posttraumatic stress. If you’re a health or mental health professional or a health consumer with a personal interest for yourself, your friends or family, this workshop offers practical help you can take back and use immediately. These seminars attract wonderful people, and because of that, they’re fun, interactive, engaging, and the imagery exercises and demos are good for you, no matter what ails you or doesn’t. For more information, call 800-395-8445, email [email protected], or look for the new brochure here.

I’m also eager to tell you about a terrific new book by Susan Ezra RN and Terry Reed RN, that dynamic duo responsible for the superb guided imagery certificate training of Beyond Ordinary Nursing (a.k.a., Integrative Imagery Training for Health Professionals). The book is called Guided Imagery and Beyond: Stories of Healing and Transformation, and it’s a wonderful collection of inspiring stories about what guided imagery can do to help create profound changes in peoples’ lives.

Here is what Jeanne Achterberg has to say about the 45 healing stories in this book:

"This book brings imagery, the most ancient of healing tools, into modern life with grace and sensitivity. It should be read and will be appreciated by health care professionals and consumers alike."

And our very own Emmett Miller has high praise too:

"In this book you will find a wide array of fascinating stories, showing the width and depth of what can be accomplished with guided imagery. Whether it is to heal, achieve optimal performance or to live a life rich in joy and love, mental imagery is the key; through reading these stories you will gain invaluable insight concerning ways to enhance and enrich your own life experience."

So do check it out - it’s quite a contribution to the field and a source of heart-opening inspiration.

I also want to remind you that registration is open for the one and only 20th annual NICABM conference at Hilton Head (December 8-14) and there’s a price break for registering before October 17th. This state-of-the-art conference features the latest clinical methodology and nationally acclaimed speakers and experts - too many to list, but if you click here, you can see the whole dazzling roster - and there are discounts for students and seniors.

OK, take care and be well.
All the Best,