The Power of Guided Imagery for the ADHD Child

Imagine for a moment, your ADHD child completely relaxed and calm, breathing deeply and extremely focused on an amazingly vivid image being described. Now, imagine that the imagery not only helped your child be more in control and feel better about himself, but also helped improve grades, focus and concentration and even helped homework get done without the fuss. Imagine a happier, calmer child. This is the same child - your child - after practicing regularly with guided imagery, specifically tailored to ADHD and very active children.
Guided imagery works with the power of your child’s subconscious mind.  It works to heal broken or lowered self-esteem, and teach your child positive solutions for everyday living. It can help your child understand the gifts that lie beneath the label of ADHD.  Using specific imagery created for ADHD kids, nightly listening will help your child increase self-esteem and learn to manage everyday challenges. Your child will actually get to mentally experience situations and results in a positive way – learning how to respond and react in healthy ways that reinforce the gifts while lessening some of more challenging characteristics of ADHD. Children get to feel more in control, while learning how to be in control of themselves. They learn about taking responsibility for actions, thinking things through before acting, managing bodily movements and how to stay focused and concentrated – all by using relaxing guided imagery before bed.

Schooling and socializing can be tricky for the ADHD child. They have to deal with the challenges of trying to fit into an educational paradigm that may not fit. They may have difficulty hanging onto friends or making new ones. Many times this is due to the spontaneity and the excessive energy that goes along with ADHD. These children frequently feel excluded and can quickly become unhappy when they try their best and it’s just not working.
Introducing guided imagery to your ADHD child will help him fall asleep faster, sleep better, and feel more rested the next day. This allows for optimal learning in any child. ADHD children do tend to learn differently from others. They are more hands-on, as you know. This can, at times, create friction in the classroom where children are asked to sit still for long periods. ADHD guided imagery can give your child all the tools for dealing with excess energy by learning little mental and physical tricks that help them deal with the energy. They also learn to appreciate their gift and start seeing it as such.
It’s crucial to understand that ADHD holds some fundamental gifts for our society. When correctly guided, I believe these children can be our strong, ethical leaders, our inventors and great achievers of tomorrow. They have unlimited energy and can get things done or at least moving along in the right direction. They are amazingly creative when allowed to properly develop that faculty.

As parents we must nourish the creative, enthusiastic and happy sides of our children and not allow those areas to be squashed. Childhood is not always easy for ADHD children. But as parents, we can help them by loving them unconditionally, appreciating their differences, and also giving them the tools to handle their excess energy and differences.

You can help program your ADHD child for success. During the day, you can help by being a good listener; being supportive and strong, and also helping your child understand the power of positive affirmations (help your child replace any negative statements about himself with more positive ones.) In the evening, you can use a CD to help your child increase self-esteem and create new habits of focus and concentration. Guided imagery works with the subconscious mind to create new positive habits and positive feelings in your child. The positive messages your child listens to will help establish new ways of thinking and new healthier responses to situations, just as guided imagery does for adults. Because it’s listened to in the evening, it allows the mind to dwell on the new possibilities and continually incorporate them into daily life with repeated listening.
As adults, we enjoy the positive changes guided imagery offers for our lives. In the same way, ADHD children benefit from the relaxation and the creative imagery to overcome their own challenges and set them up for life success.