The Three-Minute Meditation Miracle

One of the things people love about the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System is that it drops them into a deep, restorative meditative state in just three minutes. But it’s also something people have complained about to us. They question why the listening period has to be so brief, and tell us they’d rather stay where they are, because it’s such a rewarding state to dip into.

Michael Joly, who created N.O.W., often explains that it doesn’t need more time to deliver all the benefits of meditation. “People can always play another sequence if they want, but they don’t need it,” he’s told us. But don’t just listen to the genius behind what one of our customers called the “Pucks of Peace.”

Meditation teacher Valerie Oula, director of energy healing at wellness retreat The Well and author of A Little Bit of Reiki: An Introduction to Energy Medicine, recently proclaimed the exact same thing: three minutes of meditation is long enough.

Oula says it’s a lot less intimidating to slow down and be present when you know you’ll only be doing it for a few minutes. Even in that brief amount of time, she points out, meditation starts calming the nervous system, creating greater awareness, and giving the brain time for synaptic pruning, the process of clearing away connections it no longer needs.

Of course, if you decide you enjoy meditating for longer periods, there’s nothing stopping you! But if you’re short on time or patience, all you have to do is sit down twice a day, turn on N.O.W., and listen all the way through one three-minute session until the tones fade out. It’s almost too easy not to use – and so effective that you’ll love how it lets you squeeze wellness and transformation into even the tiniest gaps of your daily life.

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