The Time for Re-Injuring Herself by Remembering Old Wounds Is Over…


This is not a question but a thank you. Your Weight Loss affirmations have been powerful for me. Not just for weight loss, but for encouraging a positive approach to life and for helping me let go of the negative energy that I know consumes me sometimes.

Also, as a musician, I appreciate how the music builds and resolves at critical moments, underscoring the message.

The first time I heard ' . . the time for reinjuring myself by remembering old wounds is over' I felt like I'd been hit between the eyes. I repeat it to everyone who needs to hear it (giving you credit, of course).

While I still struggle, I hope I am improving 'more and more' on my emotional journey. Thank you for helping to guide my way.


BR replies:

Thanks so much, Joanne, for the lovely note. Steve Kohn will appreciate your comments about his music - he says the same thing about liking that piece for the way it plays with a theme, building on it and reworking it – some of the music he writes for us has to be far more simple and suited to quieter meditation.

2103bAnd I'm delighted that affirmation reaches you. I love it too. I first heard the idea and the word 're-injuring' applied to it from a dear psychologist friend, the late Dr. Tom Cotulo, and I thought, "Well, of course!!"

There are similar concepts on our Anger and Forgiveness imagery and on our Heartbreak, Abandonment & Betrayal recording as well, but not phrased in exactly that way.

Later, when writing the affirmations, that particular word came back to me. So thank you, Tom! And "more and more" to you, JG! :-)

All best & thanks again,