Hello again.

Yikes, pesky digital gremlins were out in full force last week!  Our blog got hacked and had to be cleaned up, reconstituted and surrounded by triple threat protective devices.  We had to divert visitors back to the old site while we mopped up – so those of you who found yourselves on the older, non-bloggy pages, that was why.  

In addition, Bruce the engineer’s mixing equipment wasn’t working so well with his new recording software, and so there too, the older stuff had to be taken down off the shelf and brought back to life.  

We had issues with some new video footage of ours not making it to completion; and new and strange pop-up warnings from Symantec kept appearing on my laptop, hinting that yet again, tricky evildoers were afoot …. Good grief!  Those virus invaders took over 24 hours to surgically remove.  Isn’t this where somebody inevitably says, “Mercury must be in retrograde!”?  I don’t know a lot about Mercury, but I do think it’s probably time to stay in bed, watch old movies and order in the mushroom pizza. 

And speaking of mayhem, we’ve been hearing about some confusion with Your Sixth Sense: Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition, the book I wrote about imagery and intuition.  People have been complaining that they no longer could get it on Amazon, where they’re showing a very different-looking cover, along with an invitation to pre-order.

This is because the publisher, Harper San Francisco, decided to put out a new edition that goes on sale in June, so I guess they’ve stopped shipping the original to Amazon.  Not to worry.  We still have a few here, if you want a copy now. 

In fact, Cindy decided to host a special sale  – she’s combined Your Sixth Sense with Unlocking Intuition , the CD that has four intuition-enhancing guided exercises from the book.  The combination of both is being featured at a discounted price, with a savings of $6.

The book, which has been translated into 9 languages and has gratifyingly stayed a perennial favorite in the U.S., looks at the nature of intuitive mind states and what you need to do to access them at will. (Yes, Virginia, the good news is, if you’ve been having psychic experiences, you’re not crazy.  The bad news is, you’re not special either!)  

The chapter on the Physics of ESP has gotten praise as a grounded, scientific explanation of what often gets perceived as ‘weird’ phenomena - precognition, telepathy and déjà vu experiences.

The CD provides actual guidance for accessing these mind states - (1) Simple, Heart-Focusing Imagery; (2) Imagery to Dissolve into Universal Wisdom; (3) Imagery for Receiving an Answer as a Gift; and (4) a Heart-to-Heart Paired Meditation to Find Insight for Another. The intro provides complete instructions and tips for getting the most out of the imagery.  It’s a cool combination.

Hey, before I forget, our new catalog is out and hitting your mailboxes even as we speak.  Of course, the digital version is right here.  We’re particularly pumped about the new resources in this edition.  It’s a great collection, if I do say so myself.

OK, take care and be well!

All best,

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