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Well, Huzzah! 

Two of our new mindfulness-based meditations are ready. Mindful Meditation Mix, a sampler of mindful awareness exercises by three of us: yours truly, Traci Stein and Steve Kohn; and Mindfulness Meditations: Finding Peace & Perspective in the Present Moment, a super-effective program by Traci Stein, are ready in their download iterations.

And so is Traci’s extraordinary Self-Compassion Meditations to Release Self-Criticism and Foster Self-Kindness.

Still to come in a few short weeks: Traci’s companion audio for that last title, Self-Compassion during Sleep where conscious listening to the Self-Compassion Meditations is reinforced by even deeper guided messaging during sleep.

Traci often does this double-whammy approach when the topic is likely to evoke some unconscious resistance or even self-sabotage in the normal waking state. So you may have noted that her programs for self-esteem, body image/weight loss and self-compassion have this “during sleep” meditation to use at night. 

And very soon we’ll also have Julie Lusk’s beautiful Yoga Nidra meditations, designed to work either as a dynamite, stand-alone set of guided meditations, or to accompany her latest book, Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation & Stress Relief.

And, hey, on another note, want to join a community of guided imagery practitioners and diehard enthusiasts? Check out Imagery International, an organization committed to promoting the practice of guided imagery, meditation and related mind-body techniques. It’s a committed, fun community of high-test guided imagery talent, with a lot of experience and know-how.

They also produce a terrific practice journal called Imaginews,that offers practical tips, articles, art, poetry, general inspiration and many a clinical story yielding some cogent, best practice principles. Check it out!

Take care and be well,

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