A practitioner of Therapeutic Touch relishes her role as energy-doula to her daughter and her daughters-in-law, in the delivery room during childbirth, where TT decreases stress and eases the process.. Dear BR,

I am a long-time practitioner of Therapeutic Touch and have enjoyed many of its benefits - as have my clients - but none so much as when my daughter delivered her second child. Her first experience with childbirth had been stressful and difficult, and she was fearful of what would be the next time. Because of this, she agreed to let me in the delivery room in order to offer TT to her during this time. (She was not interested the first time).

Well, she could not get over the difference, all of which she attributed to TT. She was calm and peaceful, did not need medication, and the delivery went smooth as silk for a relatively brief amount of time (9 hours).

She’s had two more babies since then, and would not think of being in the birthing room without her mom and TT!!! In fact, her PR among family members has been so vocal and enthusiastic, that neither will my two daughters-in-law!

So I guess you could say that TT has made me a hero in the delivery room, and I relish the role! Everyone should consider Therapeutic Touch for enhancing and mellowing the childbirth experience!!

Toronto TT "Midwife-Momma"