They’ve Dropped: Traci Stein’s New Mindfulness and Self-Compassion CDs!

I’m delighted to tell you that the new Traci Stein CDs are in the warehouse and ready to ship! So if you’ve pre-ordered any of these hard copies, they’re on their way.

We’re very proud to have these beautiful guided meditations in our Health Journeys collection. I’d been looking for some fresh mindfulness resources for some time. We were after superior writing, psychologically sophisticated content and gentle but compelling narration, and Traci really delivered the goods with Mindfulness Meditations: Finding Peace & Perspective in the Present Moment.

Our Dr. Stein is a gifted psychologist, masterful hypnotherapist and nationally respected behavioral health expert, who consistently delivers impeccable meditative guidance. Her work combines the best of classic contemplative meditation practice, state-of-the-art guided imagery, and potent hypnotic suggestion.


Here, she provides a variety of mindfulness exercises for you to sample, so you can develop your own unique practice to suit your lifestyle and temperament.

This program features some simple breath awareness, a more complex contemplative meditation using all the senses; an open monitoring session of observing whatever floats across your mental or sensory screen; and some powerful affirmations to support being present, aware and nourished by your experience of the moment.

As you probably already know, mindfulness practice has been found to improve concentration, emotional resilience, coping with pain or distress, and help with sleep.

We’ve also gotten Traci’s new day and night Self-Compassion Super SetSelf-Compassion Meditations to Release Self-Criticism and Foster Self-Kindness for daytime listening, and Self-Compassion Meditations during Sleep for playing during the super immersive and receptive state of sleep.

Either title is powerful as a stand-alone piece, but together they deliver a dynamite shazam for healthy attitude and behavior change.

I think Traci would agree that adding the “during sleep” element comes in especially handy when you’re dealing with deeply ingrained attitudes that don’t want to budge. In the sleep state, we can more easily override resistance and fear of change by nodding off and letting those potent delta brain waves do the heavy lifting!

The “awake” version is a kind of loving kindness meditation, because it helps cultivate a more respectful, patient, loving relationship toward the self and others. With Traci’s gentle guidance, listeners can open their hearts and experience the full, power of their own natural feelings of love, care, kindness, generosity and self-forgiveness.

It’s scored to the exquisite music of Steven Mark Kohn and includes four tracks: an informative intro; a brief guided imagery exercise for compassionate clearing; a longer, more immersive meditation to foster self-compassion; and affirmations.

The separate Self-Compassion during Sleep program is especially helpful for those who tend to sabotage their own best intentions during the daylight hours, or for anyone who feels they can use the extra help available in the extra-potent and receptive mind-state of sleep.

And, let it be noted that while doing the deep and powerful work of buttressing positive attitude change, this program will actually improve sleep quality, too.

So, check out these wonderful, new titles. Listen to the samples and enjoy!

All best,

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