This App May Be the Greatest Gift Ever for Ending the Hellacious Year of 2020!

Well, Dear Reader,

It seems like it was only yesterday that our darling little app was just a gleam in its developer’s eye.

Hard to believe it’s zoomed past its infancy and toddlerhood, tripling its streaming hours and growing robust with the addition of unique new titles, like the meditation for strengthening resistance to viral infection, and the one for overcoming COVID in a balanced, safe way; not to mention the imagery for embracing a new medicine (and that includes vaccines). 

And our little darling has gotten better manners, too – so much more accessible, responsive, and easier to use than ever. And the improvements just keep on coming.

So, here’s the thing: if you or your loved ones could use some readily served up mental health — a pocketful of positivity for whatever anxiety, depression, anger, grief, or trauma might be lingering in the psyche, courtesy of 2020 — our app makes the perfect gift.

And you can dither, procrastinate, and dilly-dally and still be on time with this gift. Because it’s all digital, there’s no need to worry about holiday shipping deadlines.

Bottom line, folks: we’re wishing you good health, good company, and an “Appy” New Year — and looking forward to being with you in 2021, discovering together what lies ahead. (Trust me, it will be an improvement.)

Here’s to kindness and generosity in 2021! Love and care to you all.