This is a wonderfully hopeful email from the wife of a Marine who was wounded and captured in Vietnam in 1967, suffered severe PTSD for 40 years, and now has found peace of mind.. Dear Belleruth,
My husband was a Marine in Vietnam and was wounded and captured in a horrific battle on March 30th, 1967. Ever since then he has suffered daily intrusive thoughts and flashbacks.

I bought him Invisible Heroes and then your Three Stages Of Healing Trauma CD set. The effect on him was immediate, and for the first time in forty years he has peace.

His whole demeanor has changed. He has always been a very kind, well-liked person, but I would have called him high strung and now he is calm. He says that in the past six days of using the CD he has only thought of Vietnam maybe once or twice.

It is astounding to me and seems almost too good to be true. Even with his PTSD, he had the fortitude to complete law school and holds a demanding job as a Deputy District Attorney. On August 4th we will celebrate 33 years of marriage.

Sincerely, Rhonda T.