This is the HJ staff’s favorite kind of success story - we love hearing how this very funny emailer got pregnant while using our fertility imagery, and then moved on to our pregnancy and delivery imagery!!! I bought the Guided Meditations for Infertility in January. It got me through an intense cycle of fertility treatments! I listened every day to help calm my nerves and so that I could relax!!

And I am happy to say that I am now 7 weeks pregnant with twins!! So I have recently purchased the meditation CD for pregnancy also. I listen daily! Whenever I get frantic with anxiety, my husband will say "why don''t you go listen to Belleruth!"

And when I give him a hard time, he says "be careful or you and Belleruth will be alone in the delivery room!!" LOL!

We both thank you for these wonderful meditations and affirmations.

Very Pregnant and Very Happy New Fan