This Navy Nurse Uses Guided Imagery for Just about Everything!

4203bWe got this amazing note from a Navy nurse, who has maybe used guided imagery to benefit people in more ways than we've seen in a long time. Too bad we can't just clone her and put her on the road to sing the praises of this simple, user-friendly, portable, inexpensive technique. She's quite the point person. Here she is:

I have been using guided imagery since 1994, when I worked on an oncology unit. Since then I have used guided imagery extensively in my personal life, predominately for chronic pain from interstitial cystitis (since 1996) and hip pain from arthritis.

For many years I read the pain imagery from Ms. Naparstek's first book, Staying Well with Guided Imagery, to all my childbirth preparation classes (this was before you made the imagery for Pregnancy & Childbirth, and was an avid guided imagery advocate to all who were receptive to the idea.

I got the Posttraumatic Stress imagery for my son when he came back from Iraq, but before I could give them to him, I loaned them to a young man who spent two tours in Iraq as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines. What a joy to see him benefit so dramatically from the healing messages in these CDs!

Currently I am having great success with the Weight Loss imagery, having lost 20 pounds this year. It's coming off in a slow and healthy way.

I am also using the Successful Surgery to prepare for a total hip replacement that will take place soon.

Thank you so much for such a variety of very effective healing modes. I have been truly blessed by them and share the guided imagery story every chance I can get.

Deirdre G., Navy Nurse