Belleruth is currently busy putting the finishing touches on a powerful new guided imagery program to address Traumatic Brain Imagery. This week’s update is presented by the staff of Health Journeys.


Summer is just around the corner and the time is ripe to head off for another great summer getaway. Whether you're looking for an adventure packed with new experiences in faraway places, or a quiet escape from the demands of everyday life, your much-deserved vacation is the perfect opportunity to leave the stress of everyday life and work behind.

To make sure that relaxation is part of your getaway, as well as your return to everyday life, we offer these tips, ideas and resources to make sure you return calmed and rejuvenated.

Guided Imagery Travels Well

Guided imagery, which uses the power of the imagination and senses for relaxation and healing, is an excellent way to prepare for and begin a vacation, especially in those first few days, when it can be hard to let go. Learning guided-imagery practices, or listening to a relaxation-oriented guided-imagery recording first thing in the morning, can be very helpful anytime you want to unwind. *

Guided Imagery Travel Packs


No matter what your vacation plan, we have created ways to bring imagery on your trip. Our Car Travel Pack will promote peace, support, safety and sanity. For those behind the wheel, Sylvia Boorstein’s Road Sage CD guides you to mindful peace, in spite of any provocation.

Our Travel Kit for Kids is just the thing to make long trips more pleasurable for the little ones, and those who travel with them. Betty Mehling’s CD, Magic Island: Relaxation for Kids, helps children to relieve stress and enhance feelings of well-being.

Our Teen Travel Pack is the perfect antidote for travel-related stress, restlessness and boredom. Along with their favorite music for a trip, they can add Bodhipaksa’s Mindfulness Meditations for Teens CD.

Minimize the fear and frustration of flying with our Plane Travel Pack. BR's Relaxation & Wellness imagery can create a calm, peaceful and uplifting feeling. Fly Without Fear, by KRS Edstrom, combines guided imagery and body awareness to gently relax the merely worried and skillfully desensitize the terrified.


Don’t Forget to Relax

True relaxation "is a release of tension and a letting go of everyday cares and worries, combined with the letting in of fresh nourishment -- physical, emotional, spiritual, psychic, even intellectual. Relaxing vacation experiences can provide us with fresh perspectives, evocative images, and sensory memories to draw on when we return home”. *

*(Excerpted from Whole Living Magazine, “How to Have a Stress-Free Summer Vacation”, Quote by Belleruth Naparstek)

Be sure to take a look at Whole Living Magazine’s "How to Have a Stress-Free Summer Vacation*. It’s a great article looking at the many ways to approach relaxation while on vacation and afterwards.

So hit the road, hop a flight or head for the beach; but don’t lose sight of the fact that relaxation can be one of the important rewards from your getaway.

Enjoy your Vacation,

The Health Journeys Staff