This wonderful letter from a quadriplegic woman, working hard in rehab, inspires us all. She even graced us with a fabulous video of her newfound success at being upright and gaining ground.. Belleruth,
I''ve listened to your guided imagery and affirmations daily for a month now. Amazing things have happened. I am now transferring myself into and out of my chair and have even started standing briefly with the help of a physical therapist, parallel bars, and bracing - after 10 months of needing a lift and to be moved by someone else.

I cannot believe the difference in my hopefulness, attitude, and amazing physical progress. I am certain that improved sleeping and shift in my thinking patterns have contributed to the rapid progress I am making. I am even starting to think toward having a meaningful future and a more independent lifestyle.

I believe more than ever that I may walk again. Lots more hard work ahead, but this is not bad for a person who came home after 4 months of hospitalization as a quadriplegic, who could move only her right hand and arm, to where I am today. The most phenomenal progress has occurred in the past month.

Thank you for your contribution to my healing process. I am definitely going to continue using guided imagery and affirmations as I grow even stronger.

Carlotta S.