You could say our entire HJ team is one giant, Bodhipaksa Fan Club.  His meditations are engaging, gentle, powerful, direct and, in the integrity/authenticity department, absolutely pitch-perfect...

Bodhipaksa means “wings of enlightenment”,  a name given to this fella with the Scottish accent by the Triratna Buddhist Order when he joined it in 1993.

He says, “I love teaching meditation. It’s had a tremendously positive effect on my own life, and I’ve seen it have an equally large effect on the lives of my students. Over and over again, students have told me how learning to meditate has changed their lives.”

I myself am particularly nuts about his Mindfulness Meditations for Teens, because it’s so uniquely suited to hit an adolescent’s ear in just the right way: respectful, empathic, firm and crystal clear, without a hint of pandering, patronizing or being anyone other than himself.

I wish this audio had existed when I was working with groups of inner city kids from the projects of the Near West Side of Chicago.  What a tool that would have been! But all of his meditations are like that, really. Adults respond equally well to his voice, intent, tone and content.  

So we’re proud and delighted to announce that we’re adding four new superb Bodhipaksa titles to the four we already carry:
•    Harnessing the Power of Kindness: Five Lovingkindness Meditations for Opening the Heart
•    Stop Beating Yourself Up: Four Guided Meditations for Self-Compassion
•   Guided Meditations for Inner Peace: Four Meditation Practices to Help Create Calm, Peace and Joy
•    The Heart's Wisdom: Four Meditations for Cultivating Love, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity

I hope you’ll check these out by listening to the sound samples on each page.  I think you’ll see (hear) what I mean.
Take care and be well.

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