Three separate life crises - a diagnosis of lymphoma, her home burning down, and the loss of her job - precipitate anxiety & sleeplessness, and guided imagery gets her relaxed and back to sleep.. Belleruth and Health Journeys -

This past year I experienced 3 life changing episodes that have left me with the task of putting my life back together, piece by piece. First a diagnosis of lymphoma, secondly, my home burned down, and third, I lost my job. As I anticipate going back out into the world I have been extremely anxious. For some reason it is most prominant at night time... resulting in hot flashes at bedtime, and restless sleep.

Your Weight Loss CD was given to me just 4 days ago and I have listened to it 3 times only. Last night I slept like an angel... and everytime I woke, which wasn''t often, I had an exquisite sense of well being... as if I were a child again without a care in the world. I have more energy to do what I need to do, and a sense of optimism that is more consistent now. I am absolutely floored that this much could happen so suddenly, and I have to thank you so very much. I can only imagine the results after a month of listening. I would like to know if you have other CD''s similar to this that are not weight loss-oriented, because I have friends who need to give their brains a break and re-learn how to relax. Thank you so much for this incredible work.

Sincerely, Alyssa

[Ed. Note: Just a warning - this weight loss imagery doesn’t put everyone to sleep - it’s got the lively motivational music that appears on track 2 of Steve Kohn’s Music from Health Journeys, and it wakes some people up! We of course told Alyssa about our imagery for Healthful Sleep, to Fight Cancer and to deal with trauma (Healing Trauma ) and Loss ( Ease Grief).]