Tips and Tricks to Soothe Travel-related Tension

Carolyn Daitch, PhD, author of Managing the Distress of Cancer and its Treatment, wrote to Belleruth to generously share her travel tips. Belleruth generously shared them with us and all the happy Health Journeys travelers.

"As we approach the month of August when many of my clients schedule their summer getaways," Daitch wrote, "The topic of travel-related anxiety comes up frequently.

Some of her recommendations:

  • Calm your nervous system with a relaxation technique. It's hard to think reasonably when your body is anxious. Listen to a meditation CD, or practice slow breathing to lower your baseline anxiety level.

  • Write down your worries. The mere act of writing creates some detachment from your concerns and helps you achieve some objectivity.

  • Remember that there are stores where you are going. It's not a disaster if you forget to pack everything.

  • Embrace uncertainty. Let's face it: life is uncertain and travel is even more so. Say a self-statement, "I accept uncertainty. I may not like it, but I can handle it."

For more of her tips about traveling, read Dr. Carolyn Daitch Shares Tips for Travelers.


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To read about a study on the usefulness of a trauma-focused treatment approach for travel phobia or milder travel anxiety, following a motor vehicle crash, read Belleruth's blog post, Both CBT and EMDR Found to Improve Travel Phobia.

Tell us your travel tales. As always we love hearing from you. No matter where your travels take you, your friends at Health Journeys wish you Bon Voyage.

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