Tips to Help You Go Red Each Week in February-Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

On Feb. 6, we are urged to wear red, to remind women to care for their hearts. National Wear Red Day was established by the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, to raise awareness that heart disease, the number one killer of women, is 80% preventable.

As women, we nurture our mates, children, pets, friends, patients, clients, customers, students and numerous others, but do we devote as much time and energy to nurturing our hearts? The month of February gives us an opportunity to do just that, and to get the word out to others, beginning with something as pleasant and colorful as wearing red.

Weekly Ways to Go Red this February-and Some Websites to Help You.

Week One, Feb. 1-7—Nurture Your Body:

Stop smoking. Move more and sit less. Take a walk. In his book, Spectrum, Dr. Dean Ornish advises, "Walk your dog, whether you have one or not." Find a way to change your eating habits for good-not a crash diet that will leave you feeling famished and deprived, but a healthy plan you can maintain, and one that will work for your particular body.

Just in time to help you with this task, our newest Health Journeys audio, Traci Stein's Healthy Weight and Body Image, comes out in February, and it's packed with tips on self-nurturing and empowerment. We expect the MP3 format to be available next week and the CD in our warehouse by the end of February.

Remember to make a life-saving fashion statement by wearing red on Friday, Feb. 6, to celebrate the 12th annual National Wear Red Day.

Week Two, Feb. 8-14—Nurture Your Mind:

Eat mindfully. Practice mindfulness meditation-great for reducing stress. Work out. This might seem as though it belongs in the previous category, but studies have shown that aerobic exercise affects neurons in our brains and it really can make us smarter.

Arm yourself with information and use your keen intellect to take appropriate action: Know your numbers. Know the warning signs of heart attack and stroke. Download the CDC's Women and Heart Disease Fact Sheet.

Week Three, Feb. 15-21—Nurture Your Heart

9722bWhether it's the hard-working organ that pumps your blood or the tender, emotional heart, February is a great time to pay proper attention to both. Our Heal Your Physical Heart Pack, features Belleruth's Healthy Heart, Dr. Emmett Miller's Down with High Blood Pressure and Dr. Andrew Weil's comprehensive Healthy Heart Kit.

To help heal the tender emotional heart, there is our Heal Your Emotional Heart Pack featuring Belleruth's Anger & Forgiveness, Heartbreak, Abandonment & Betrayal and Emmett Miller's Accepting Change and Moving on.

Week Four, Feb. 22-28—Nurture Your Soul

It has been said that nothing is better for the soul than kindness to others. Volunteer for a cause you support, or Get involved to help others nurture their hearts.

For the ultimate soul experience, try loving kindness meditation. To find out how, check out Elizabeth's blog post, A Secret Weapon against a World of Negativity.

No matter how you choose to nurture your body, mind, heart and soul this February, we extend our best wishes for health and happiness. Tell us how you Go Red. We love hearing from you.