To Honor Children Living the Military Lifestyle--April is the Month of the Military Child

Purple Up! For Military Kids

If you're reading this on April 15, it's not only tax deadline day, it's Purple Up! We are encouraged to wear purple to raise community awareness and support of military children. If you missed the 15th, you have the rest of April. The DOD has designated April the Month of the Military Child, to honor the unique challenges faced by military youth, and celebrate their ability to adapt.

"Parent deployments, frequent moves, a new school every few years, a constant rotation of friends, and, most of all, the threat of a parent being killed in combat--these facts of military life make them more prone to stress and anxiety, but military children are also found to be quite resilient in the face of those demanding pressures."—David Moore, from The Resilliency of the Military Child

According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) there are around 2 million military children, ranging in age from birth to 18. They live in military or civilian communities, and they face unique challenges other children do not experience. Those who live in or near military communities have an easier time coping with those challenges. To learn more about how community members can help, and to find resources for families, caregivers, educators, health care and service providers, visit the NCTSN website.

Throughout April, military children will be able to tell their story on what it means to be a military child through drawings or words for a chance to win great prizes. The Young Lives, Big Stories contest is open to active duty Army, National Guard and Reserve children preschool through twelfth grade.

To find resources for children whose parents serve in any branch of the armed forces, go to DoDlive.

Operation Mega Phone Worldwide Lock-in is an annual event designed to connect military teens across the world.

"As we approach April, we take the month to celebrate and honor the military child. It is my personal belief that our children are the most resilient people on the planet. From the constant moves they experience, the changes in friends, the absence of one or both parents, the military child always finds a way to adapt, and to endure. For their courage, resilience, and sacrifice, we applaud military children. They represent the future leaders of our great nation and they are the pride of our hearts. So today, I encourage you to join us in celebrating the month of the military child.--Lt. Col. Thomas Hundley, Director of Logistics, Womack Army Medical Center, from "That's My Baby!"—A Celebration of the Military Child

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