Dear Health Journeys,

I've been listening to both of Traci’s CDs for about a month now and they have been incredibly helpful. I have been trying to recover from a painful breakup that left me sleepless and questioning my self-worth.

I knew I would enjoy the "Healthy Self-Esteem" CD for the positive imagery and reminders of my worth and it did not disappoint. I especially appreciated that I was able to use the affirmations and short-imagery whenever I needed a boost of confidence.


The "Self-Esteem During Sleep" CD far exceeded my expectations. I was having a lot of trouble falling asleep and would often be woken up from disturbing dreams. After using the sleep CD I'm able to look forward to going to bed each night instead of dreading the struggle of trying to have a peaceful night's sleep. Maybe even more important is the feeling I have when I wake up in the mornings--quietly confident and calm. I'm so thankful for these CDs.