We found this inspiring testimonial to the power of guided imagery on an Amazon review, describing someone’s response to the Healing Trauma imagery.  It supports our repeated observation that guided imagery that targets PTS is very effective for old and deep wounds and the painful attitudes and self-percepts that get built around them.   Here’s the comment:

“After a lifetime of dealing with a genetic disease that killed half my family, I didn't think any kind of meditation could make any difference at all. I had come to a point of being so depressed and angry and feeling that life is so unfair and hopeless for some people.

“I grew up in fundamentalist churches in the Deep South where I was taught that my ancestors had sinned against God, and God put a curse on my family, and we would all keep dying until God was over his anger. I can't even begin to express what kind of damage this does to a child already struggling with overwhelming circumstances in a family.

“Although I grew up and realized eventually that it was nonsense, I think that kind of teaching takes hold in the subconscious and is very hard to really overcome. I went to bed and started listening to this CD--expecting nothing really, and I don't think I even made it into a full minute before I could feel tears squeezing out & rolling down my face, and before long I was just crying. It happens every time I listen, but I feel lighter afterwards and not so weighed down with pain. I also don't feel so tired. I love this meditation, find it very calm & soothing…”

A.W. from Virginia