A survivor of childhood trauma asks for suggested resources for helping her get grounded, reinhabit her body and start feeling her feelings again, so she can resolve the emotional pain she’s experienced Dear Belleruth,
Which imagery tape(s) would you suggest for assisting an individual in grounding (by that I mean coming back into the body fully), feeling and resolving stored emotional pain of child abuse (trauma)? Thank you.

Dear Nicole,
Our imagery for Healing Trauma fills the bill for what you are asking for. I also think it’s just about the best imagery we have. It starts by gently escorting your awareness back down into your body (because most trauma survivors don’t spend enough time ‘home’ in there), then moves into exploring the territory of your own broken heart, where you ultimately emerge into the beauty of your deepest core, the part of you that can never be diminished or destroyed.) But you should keep in mind that this imagery is designed to evoke feelings and de-numb you, so you may want to start with some simpler, more surface imagery or meditation first, to get you into the self-soothing groove, before moving into this imagery and back to the realm of your feelings. ( Andy Weil’s or Ken Cohen’s breathwork audios are wonderful for this. Or some simpler imagery would be our Relaxation & Wellness; Relieve Stress; or Affirmations.)

I also recommend Peter Levine’s excellent audio, Sexual Healing, if this trauma has to do with incest or childhood sexual abuse. As I mention in the description on our website, these are four gentle, safe meditation exercises for those who have suffered from a traumatic sexual history.

In addition, for a general energizing, relaxing experience designed to ground the listener and help with reinhabiting the body, Suzanne Scurlock Durana’s program, Healing from the Core, (either the shorter program or the longer one - is just the ticket, masterfully taught and easy to follow.

Other trauma-related imagery of ours - and I’m not suggesting you get all of these, by any means - but at some point, trauma survivors may feel the need for more specifically focused imagery - would be for Healthful Sleep; Ease Grief; Combat Depression; or Anger & Forgiveness. And for spiritual uplift, I heartily recommend Lynne Newman’s Song of the Soul.