We gratefully received this very touching and beautiful posting on the blog last week, when so many of you responded to the question of the week being asked.  It speaks to the power of imagery and affirmation to heal trauma – in this case, particularly the longstanding numbness.  It reaches places that talking and thinking just can’t go, because of where traumatic memories are stored in the brain.  That’s why we need imagery!

I have lived almost 40 of my 57 years without a belief in god.  I attended Catholic grade school and high school, and early in adolescence I rejected the whole thing.  And yet when I came across your PTSD imagery about 10 years ago, tears would flow from my eyes at that statement, "I know I am held in the hands of God and I am perfectly, utterly safe." Still do. I have no understanding of this occurrence, but I believe it to be healing for me. I stopped crying when I was about 10 yrs old due to the abusive environment I was in and I'm always so grateful that I can cry now, even though it's sometimes scary.

Crying came in pretty handy yesterday as it sank into me that I had really found my mother! I lost her when I was about 2 or 3, and now she's found!! She's 84 and she's so pretty.

And I, too, thank you Belleruth for that wonderful PTSD imagery. Of all the things I've tried, it has been the most comforting and instigative of change for me. It is truly an inspired creation.