A trauma survivor with Myasthenia Gravis asks which guided imagery titles would be most helpful to her, to help her deal with the fatigue and loss of muscle strength that accompanies that condition.. Dear BR,
I have a rare disease called Myasthenia Gravis, in which antibodies interfere with the neurotransmitters that make the muscles move. It affects voluntary muscles. The muscles fatigue upon use and regain strength with rest. Some of the muscles affected are for breathing, swallowing, talking, eye movement, legs, arms and neck. Fatigue (physical and mental for thinking) and muscle weakness are the biggest problems.

Which one of your CD''s would be the best match for this disease? With a chronic illness there is a feeling of loss of your old self, so you are also trying to identify and re-invent yourself.

Do any of the CD''s address these issues as well? Today I listened to your Depression imagery and loved it! Being a victim of child abuse, instinctively my safe place is a dark corner of the basement - but I am working on a new image and feeling safe.


Dear Dee,

I''m so glad you are finding the Combat Depression imagery helpful. Thanks for taking the time to email that feedback.

Because Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune condition, we generally recommend the rheumatoid arthritis/lupus imagery, because it addresses the cell behavior as well as including the whole body in the healing imagery. And it also focuses on the issue of fatigue, which, by the way, is the most common complaint that people have with most auto-immune conditions, including MS, RA and lupus.

At some point, since you are an abuse survivor, you may want to try the Healing Trauma imagery, too, because it addresses some of these posttraumatic stress symptoms and the issue of the safe place.

In addition,Carol Dickman’s Bedtop Yoga and Seated Yoga might be a good and gentle way to get some exercise without unduly taxing your muscles, as long as it doesn’t fatigue you unduly. But best to check with your doc or nurse practitioner first.

I wish you well with this and hope you find the imagery helpful!