Trauma Survivors: Always Try Before You Buy!

We got this excellent question from a trauma survivor, who understood the critical importance of the voice tone, timbre, pacing and music quality on a guided imagery CD. She understood her vulnerability to the wrong voice, and she wanted to find a way to hear a sample first.

Here is her question:


I have just finished your book on healing post-trauma stress, "Invisible Heroes", and I am interested in obtaining some of your cds.

But first, I need to know what your voice sounds like. This is critical to me, because I am very sensitive to sound. I need an extremely soothing voice with soft music in the background.

Is there a place where I could just hear your voice before purchasing?

Thank you.

PS - Your book has helped me so much, but I believe the audio cds would help me more.

Dear Janet,

Bravo – it's very smart of you to want to hear a sample first. A listener's compatibility and comfort with the voice is extremely important, and different people react differently to the same voice.

It's important for you to see for yourself and (as you seem to have already learned) not push something on yourself that you don't like – very important for anyone, but especially for trauma survivors.

Additionally, just to further support the point you're making: many end-users have told us over the years that, as important as the choice of words are, the voice tone, pacing and music – in other words, all the non-verbal elements - are even more impactful for them.

This makes perfect sense, being as how trauma mostly sits in the more primitive, survival-based structures of the brain, where the emotional tone is processed, but the actual word content is not relevant – that's processed in the more "upscale" neighborhoods of the brain that negotiate thinking, meaning and so forth.

So it makes total sense that you would want to hear a sound sample. For the most part, you can find them on the product page of each audio program in our online catalog. So, for instance, click on - say, the page for Healthful Sleep – and then, where it says 'audio samples', just click on the start arrow of that band below it, and it will automatically play a segment - maybe 4-5 minutes worth. This should give you enough of an idea as to what the voice and music sound like to you, to make a determination on compatibility.

I hope this helps.

All best,

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