Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury and Posttraumatic Stress

This post appeared on Belleruth's Facebook page. It's from a woman recovering from traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress – an award winning classical pianist by training (musicians generally take to guided imagery like a duck to water) and a distributor of essential oils, with a lot of strength, drive and resilience.

Her abuse situation has resulted in multiple medical and legal challenges, but she is one plucky dame and she has a lot of friends. We will ask her if she would like us to send her our Domestic Violence Recovery Pack.

Here it is:

Sharing this LONG post, in the hope that others may benefit from my challenges....

There have been a several KEY turning points over the past year as I seek to recover and heal. Although my first trip was to the hospital emergency room for a CAT scan, which found that I had suffered recent repeated concussions (two in 2015 and multiple ones since 2001) and then to Kessler Institute for consultations with the top concussion specialist and neuro-psychiatrist.

Those who know me, know that I ALWAYS pursue recovery and healing using holistic modalities whenever possible. With a diagnosis of brain and neurological damage as well as a severe case of PTSD, my first holistic stop...other than using the oils....of COURSE ☺ was to my favorite cranio-sacral therapist, Jersey Wulster.

The miracle of her work is that for the most part, my MASSIVE and debilitating concussion headaches were GONE. That is HUGE!!! The second turning point was when my unique neurological brain trainer, Andrew Amigo generously agreed to travel to me since my ability to drive has been so severely limited. His work is AMAZING and gets super fast results.

Meanwhile, the trauma and heartbreak that results when one's own kind turns on it's own, and ESPECIALLY when it is a close loved one, is nothing short of incomprehensible and INTENSE. A dear friend introduced me to Belleruth Krepon Naparstek's work, who has created a complete array of CD's designed to help heal from just about everything you could think of.

These are really, really GOOD and VERY effective. I noticed immediate improvement physically, mentally and emotionally after listening to the one on Traumatic Brain Injury, which I listened to daily for a number of weeks.

Now I am doing the one on Betrayal, Heartbreak and Abandonment, and it is incredibly beautiful and very intense.....and really POWERFUL. I recommend these HIGHLY for anyone facing a big challenge in life, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. These CD's can be found at

Healing for me has been a slow process, and especially because of the context of how the injuries happened. By their very nature, violent abusers don't possess the strength of character or capacity for honesty and right action. However, those of us who have been victims CAN and MUST rise above and become a benefit and assistance to others. The need is great out there!!!

— feeling grateful.

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