This Depression imagery was the favorite of the Vietnam vets at the Brecksville V.A. up until the time we created the Healing Trauma imagery for them. This trauma survivor, suffering from chronic depression, actually calls imagery a miracle.. (When it works, it really works!). Here is what she emailed us:

I had chronic, debilitating depression all my life due to physical and sexual abuse, and I had desperately tried everything to alleviate it, from medication to hypnosis. I read everything I could get my hands on. Nothing worked -- at best there would be brief lessening of pain, but nothing significant. I really felt doomed, as if my situation was hopeless.

Then, one day, I bought Bellruth's (sic) tape, and it literally changed my life.Twelve years later I am still free of depression -- but only when I listen to this tape periodically to keep up the treatment. It used to be I had to listen to it every day. But over time, I was able to listen to it less frequently, and now I only listen to it when I feel myself sinking back.

What is so powerful about this tape compared with everything else out there? I think there is something about Bellruth's imagery and the way that she directs the body’s energy through it that seems to cause an inner shift to take place. For me, the imagery on the Depression tape is particularly powerful because it generates a new energy source that seems to well up inside, and it's a powerful feminine source. Stress and negativity and self-hatred become displaced by that energy. It's really remarkable -- definitely the closest thing to a miracle I've ever experienced. I'm grateful. Needless to say, I've worn out many copies of that tape--and have ordered many more to give away to others who have struggled as I have. My life is completely different thanks to this tape/CD.