Two CD’s Do Away with Bedwetting and School Fears

We got this note from a grateful Mom:

Our seven-year-old son Sam is a very sweet boy who has had problems with anxiety since pre-school. He now is in second grade with an excellent teacher and many neighborhood friends in his class. He is also a bright boy - schoolwork has never been a problem for him. In spite of all this, at the beginning of the school year he became very anxious, was reluctant to go to school and started wetting the bed again.

This happened at the beginning of first grade too, lasting for many months. This year, my social worker sister predicted this was likely to happen again and coached us to become proactive. She recommended we keep tools on hand from your website to help Sam.

We used two CDs – Sleep Fairy guided relaxation right before bedtime and Magic Island kids meditation in the morning before school – sometimes with breakfast in bed! He enjoyed listening to them immediately.

What a difference this made!!! I am delighted to report that within weeks the bed was dry again. A few weeks after that, the problems going to school abated as well. We are thrilled - so much so that I'm writing in hopes you will post this. I am all too aware that this is a big problem with children his age.

He still chooses to listen to his audios now and then but sometimes goes many days without. We leave it up to him to decide. Now the only problem is weaning him off breakfast in bed! (Smile).

Thanks very much.

Donna (Sam's relieved Mom)