Two Meditations Get Control Over Compulsive Eating


Hi Belleruth,

I'm 47 and I thought I was steadily going crazy, as in insane. I found a therapist and came across your book in a prison library by immense good fortune at the same time. I'm doing so much better.

My therapist - who's not a fan of labels, but is working with me on complex PTSD, social anxiety and stress - is helping so much. But I can't seem to stop with the over-eating, bingeing and making myself sick. I'm steadily putting weight on and it's interfering with my recovery.

So my question! What would you recommend for me to listen to? I believe if I gain control of my diet, then I've won my battle to gain control of my life.

What I learned reading Invisible Heroes was life changing.

Thank you,


Dear Francine,

Congratulations on finding your way out of the sticky morass of complex trauma – difficult, but by no means impossible! – and for finding a terrific therapist who gets what is needed and is helping you!  This is great.

As for the bingeing and weight issues, I’d highly recommend, first off, Traci Stein’s Healthy Weight and Body Image – both the one for conscious listening and the one for playing during sleep

This will help you countermand all those pesky, sabotaging internal messages rocketing around inside you about eating, self esteem, feelings about your body, your worth, the danger of looking too good – the works! 

And the great thing about this combo is that even if you’ve accrued some stubborn, habituated resistance to feeling too good about yourself during the day, the healing can sneak up on you while you’re sleeping (which is arguably a more receptive state anyway).  So if you can only afford to listen to one approach, get this one-two punch by Traci Stein.

If you want to support that imagery with another program, with similar messages but a different style, then check out my Lose Weight guided imagery, which also promotes a shift in attitude toward the body and the whole self, while offering cellular imagery of the fat converting to energy, growth, healing and movement. There’s also kinesthetic imagery of the sensation of metabolism increasing and the enjoyable feel of the body in motion.

I’d say that between those two, you’ll have it covered.  Just keep listening regularly and don’t give up.  Give those messages time to sink in.  And don’t forget to forgive yourself when you backslide – nobody heals in a straight line! Just get that headset back on your ears and press play again!

Wishing you the best success,

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