Which Two Techniques Reduced Hank’s Longstanding Depression?

We got this note and a great suggestion from this man, who combined two dynamite interventions to remediate his chronic and longstanding condition of depression. Check it out – it's simple, inexpensive and effective!

Dear BR,

Thanks for the guided imagery for Depression. I have a history of anhedonia. Listening twice a day has helped considerably , reducing my mood swings. I am more even keeled now than I can remember being.

I also have a recommendation. Your imagery worked even better when I started keeping a gratitude journal alongside it. This is a great combo that has changed my life.

When I'm feeling especially crappy, I read the pages I've already written. That sets me straight in short order.

Why not carry one in your store to sell with your guided imagery? That would make a great Christmas gift if you ask me.

Thanks again,

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