University Hospitals of Cleveland Says *Thank You!!* to All Its Employees with the Health Journeys App

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on University Hospitals of Cleveland and their major initiative to thank employees for the effort, dedication, and self-sacrifices made month over month.

It all started in 1988: UHHS was the very first major institution to request a calming, reassuring guided imagery tape for chemotherapy patients in the waiting room — they took a chance on us, and in effect, launched us and gave us legitimacy in the world of traditional health care.

And in August 2018, the Connor Integrative Health Network of University Hospitals of Cleveland launched a customized streaming page of a dozen stress-relieving, empowering, procedure-easing meditations for providers, staff, patients, and their very own selves.

This year, UHHS wanted to put some extra heft behind their deep gratitude to their healthcare heroes and all the dedicated personnel supporting them during such a difficult year. That meant it had to be something special, personal, and meaningful, with a strong usefulness quotient. 

So, in addition to their customized streaming page for employees, they opted to give a gift subscription for the Health Journeys mobile app to any and all staff, regardless of position, location, or department.

That meant employees got access to over 260 guided imagery audios for unlimited streaming — 24/7, 365 days/year access to resources for caregiver stress, PTSD, trauma, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, peak performance, emotional resilience, and more, all in one convenient location — and small enough to fit in their back pockets.

Within the first weeks of launch, over 2,500 employees had already taken advantage of this program by adding these meditations to their individual wellness practices.

“We are honored to support our caregivers who have demonstrated remarkable resilience and unrelenting compassion this year,” says Francoise Adan, MD, Director of University Hospitals’ Connor Integrative Health Network. “We are pleased to see so many UHHS caregivers taking advantage of our gift, and thankful to the Health Journeys team for working closely with us to make this possible.”

Plans are now afoot to add digital support to enable research and program evaluation, yielding outcomes at an aggregate data level that won’t interfere with end-user privacy.

This enthusiastic response makes it clear that the gift of an app subscription to UHHS’s providers and employees turned out to be both a compassionate way to say thank you to heroic caregivers and support personnel — and a way to invest in their future.

Think this could be a fit for your organization? Click here to learn more.