Unlocking Intuition to Help in Unsettled Times of Change and Redefinition

We got this question from a social worker who herself was experiencing a deeply unsettled transition time in her life, who wondered if we had anything recorded from BR’s book, Your Sixth Sense, to help her access more of her intuitive capacity to help her out.


Hi Belleruth!

I met you many years ago at a conference in Hilton Head.

I am entering/trying to create a new chapter in my life and wanting to return to and expand on my prior varied experiences with guided imagery, energy medicine and spirituality.

I read your book Your Sixth Sense. I would like to do the exercises you recommend to develop my intuition and psychic ability, and am writing to find out if you ever recorded any of the exercises in that book.

I would rather listen to your voice than mine. I can hear your voice when I read some of the phrases, having used your tapes before. I am also partial to and already cued by the background music you use.

Trying to make my own mp3s or have a friend read seems too impossible a task right now. I'm emerging from a difficult time.  And I want to take advantage of your sale for social workers this month (I am one) so I'm hoping you will see and be able to respond to this very promptly!

Please let me know which of your available recordings might have the imagery from the book or if that is not available what you recommend.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. And thank you for all your work and for your presence in the world.



Dear Suzanne,


Yes, we did record some of the exercises from Your Sixth Sense. They can be found in Unlocking Intuition: Finding Answers in the Wisdom of the Heart.

I also suggest you try our audio on Heartbreak, Abandonment & Betrayal. The imagery really targets that need we all have, especially in times of change and loss, for the steady support of a powerful, protective “transitional object”, as we in the trade so like to call it. :)  On this audio, it’s the ancestors who formed us. I think that could work really well for you at this time.

I wish you the best of luck with all the transition and disorientation you are dealing with. Oh, those unsettled, roiling phases of life!! They do eventually result in change and growth, but they sure are no day at the beach!

All best,

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