God-Free Version of PTSD Affirmations Now Ready for Download!

Okay, good people! Remember all that conversation, controversy and consternation about the "God Affirmation" in our posttraumatic stress audio?

For those of you who are in the dark, we had gotten an outraged email from a survivor of childhood abuse about the one affirmation in the audio program that said, "I know I am held in the hands of God and I am perfectly, utterly safe."

He was furious and said that this one line invalidated all the good the audio program had done up to the point he'd heard it. His thinking was, "Oh, really? And where was that loving, protective God when I was getting the living daylights kicked out of me?"

This wasn't the first time we'd gotten that reaction. But we've also heard innumerable positive comments and thank you's for that same line... a lot of really intense feelings about the "God word" on both sides, you could say. Our position at Health Journeys is, we just want to alleviate some suffering and whatever works is fine with us.

So, we put out an All Points Bulletin, asking for more feedback, and boy, did we ever get it! (If you've got a coupla hours, you can check some of it out here - and on Face Book)

We came to a decision on how to change things to accommodate both sides without breaking the bank doing it, and posted it a few weeks later.

Our solution was to delete, edit and remix a version of the PTS affirmations, so there could be a "Godless" version, if you will. And although we couldn't afford to create a whole, new hard copy, we could certainly offer this as a free download to those who'd ordered the original and were unhappy with it.

Well, our solution has been set up online. So, for anyone who ordered our Healing Trauma guided imagery and is distressed by that line, we now have the alternate affirmations track for you to download.

Just email us at [email protected] and request the new download. You'll need to give us the name you used to place the order (the order number would be ideal, if you can still lay your hands on it) and the email address you want the new link sent to, plus your phone number in case we need to contact you to clarify something.

We'll send you an email with the link, and you'll be able to download the new affirmations without the God sentence.

But because most people really do prefer that line, we're leaving it in as the default recording and on the hard copies. We just wanted to find something to offer those who found it tough to take.

Take care and be well.

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