Holy cow. There’s so much going on around here, I don’t know where to start.

We seem to be popping out new platforms like gangbusters, in our everlasting quest to find easier, less pricey, and more adaptive ways to get our audios into the ears of those who need them.

The month of June felt like we put out so many new and different ways to creatively deliver our stuff, it was like we got bonked over the head by the Goddess of Fertility or something.

We seem to have had triplets. Maybe quadruplets?

Each newly birthed offspring had a prolonged gestation period (think elephants – they don’t deliver the goods for 18 to 22 months), but all emerging around the same time.

So for starters, the first new baby to show up:

  • The web-based private label streaming page. This gives an organization or company their choice of targeted meditations to stream 24/7 into the ears of the people they serve (this could be hospital patients, health plan members, college students or corporate employees). It’s customized, affordable and instantly accessible through a link. It even provides backend data on what’s getting used and how many times. 

  • The Take Five Page. This is a unique kind of streaming page that immediately became so popular, we gave it a category of its own (even though it’s not so much one of the kids as a new grandkid.) These are a range of 3-5 minute meditations (imagery, relaxation, mindfulness, yoga stretches, hypnosis…) led by leading experts in the field, and a perfect foil for those who claim to have no time to meditate. (We know who you are, people!) Learn more here. 
  • The Easy-Peasy Health Journeys App. Finally we have the app of our dreams – easy to use, attractive, intuitively understood (even by the tech-phobic Luddite), and loaded with handy functions – and at very low cost. Soon it will make much more sense to subscribe to the app rather than buy stuff on a onesie-twosie basis. In fact, it already does, if you’re likely to get a few audios from us each year. You can find it in the App Store or on Google Play

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  • The N.O.W. Tone Therapy System. Okay, so this is the set of prodigious little hockey puck sized speakers that deliver random, 3-minute sequences of exquisite tones, which drive you and your busy brain into a state of peaceful, centered alertness, We are all still reeling drunkenly from last week, with its frenzied avalanche of sales that still have us buried in the shipping room.

Thank heavens it's summer and we have 3 brilliant high school interns to help us fulfill the insane number of orders. Check it out – that’s Kyla, Rebeca and Dante’ya being indispensable.

So now you know why we’re both pleased and crazed. Call or write with questions or comments. And do feel free to congratulate the sleepless parents and lie about how beautiful the quadruplets are…

Take care and be well,