In a small exploratory study by Carol Ginandes, PhD and Daniel Rosenthal, MD at Mass. General''s Dept. of Bone and Joint Disease in Boston, 12 adults with bone fractures were followed for 12 weeks, to see if hypnosis accelerated their healing. Radiographic results showed dramatically improved healing at 6 weeks in the hypnosis patients. In addition, orthopedic assessments of mobility, strength and need for analgesics showed greater improvement in the hypnosis patients at weeks 1, 3 and 9. The hypnotic intervention included audiotaped suggestions to reduce swelling, stimulate tissue growth, and fusion at the injury site, and counteract pain and stress; and imagery rehearsals of greater mobility, enhanced bone strength and recovery of normal activities.

Citation: Ginandes CS, Rosenthal Dl. Using hypnosis to accelerate the healing of bone fractures: a randomized controlled pilot study. Alter Ther Health Med. 1999 Mar; 5(2):67-75