We’re getting so many pregnancy stories these days! Here’s one from a very happy mother, who gives guided imagery credit even for her baby’s fabulous temperament, which we think is a bit of a stretch... I was pregnant with my first child for 304 days. I listened to Guided Imagery for a Healthy Pregnancy approximately 250 times during my pregnancy. I also listened to Guided Imagery for a Successful Childbirth every day for the final 3 weeks of pregnancy. I even listened while having contractions 2 minutes apart (though I don''t remember hearing much of anything!).

Last Spring, I gave birth to a healthy newborn boy. He is now just turning 5 months old. As his Mom, of course I think he is pretty remarkable. However I get many comments from other people about how alert, observant, and smart he is. He is very aware of his surroundings and has excellent eye contact. He looks people right in the eye when he meets them, as if to really take them in. He is also very peaceful, patient and happy. He rarely cries. He smiles frequently and sleeps well.

I attribute his beautiful temperament in part to the guided imagery. I believe it was very effective in helping me to relax and visualize wonderful things. I believe my physiology changed for the better while listening to the cd''s. My mind, body and soul were open and filled with love for this growing life inside me. I envisioned the baby being surrounded by angels, ancestors and the greater source of Creation.

Thank you so very much,
J’s Mom
[Ed. Note: We are thrilled that the CDs were helpful, but we cannot take credit for this delicious baby’s fantastic temperament – for that, you gotta give DNA its due!!]