We found this posting on Amazon, from the wife of a man newly diagnosed with cancer, who was feeling lost and overwhelmed until she randomly decided to get some guided imagery on board.. As with most people, my husband and I were lost when we first started dealing with his cancer. We believe healing starts in the mind and with keeping a positive outlook. I was grasping for any kind of help, when I randomly selected a tape of guided imagery for cancer (on Amazon). I am so very pleased I did.

This wonderfully relaxing and life-affirming imagery gave my husband peace, and a quiet determination to endure. He slept better when the voice softly instructed him, and he felt less pain and anxiety, as it empowered him to will his body to heal. Next to a loving mother, this was the most comforting and encouraging thing we had.

No one can say for sure if suggestion cures cancer...and we aren’t saying that now. But we know for sure it made our journey easier. We have since bought 8 more tapes for our friends, and each was grateful we did. We repeated the ''mantra'' taught to us:
"I thank my cancer for teaching me what I need to know… ...you can go now."
And you know what''s really neat?

It has.

God Bless.