We got this lovely email from a psychologist who used the Healing Trauma imagery as an adjunctive therapy with a man with a terrible history of abuse and a rough case of PTSD... Dear BR and HJ,

This is not a question, just some feedback: I use your CDs in my practice, often give them to clients. In September I had a new client - a man in his 50s with a terrible history of abuse, trauma, violence. I gave him the PTSD CD at our first visit. Three months later, he sleeps well, (he sleeps with Belleruth, he likes to say), his rages have diminished almost entirely, he feels better.

Although there is still work to do, your gentle voice has allowed him to calm down and do it. I love to use imagery with clients. It gives them a task that is not too challenging between visits. It generally elevates moods a bit, and helps to move folks forward. Thanks so much!

My best,
Dr. Linda