We have yet another successful surgery story, this time from a psychologist who listened to the imagery for about three weeks before having her kidney removed laparoscopically (to donate), and she came through with flying colors... Our office got this email from a psychologist who underwent transplant surgery recently:

Just want to say thank you. I listened to "Successful Surgery" for about three weeks before having my kidney removed laparoscopically (to donate) and came through surgery with flying colors.

My husband was instructed to bring my iPod (with this CD and the "Ease Pain" CD downloaded to it) to the recovery room as soon as they would let him see me. He put the earphones in my ears despite my being half-conscious at best. I listened for the next four hours straight. I was barely aware of the affirmations, as I had listened to them while focused on other things before my surgery.

Two days after my surgery, I "heard" for the first time the affirmation about coming through surgery with no complication, minimal bleeding and little discomfort. The surgeon’s exact words to my husband were, "She did great. No complications and very minimal bleeding."

I have lent many titles to my psychotherapy clients, and it has added a wonderful dimension to therapy. Thank you!

Blessings, Dr. Kim