We Know You’re Sick of This!

Hey, everyone.

I hate to add to the wheedling, seducing, shouting chorus of retailers claiming your attention with their special holiday discounts, bodacious bundles and promises of whiz-bang delivery... I really do. I'm drowning in the annoying stuff myself.

But, I gotta say it: we do happen to have just the right gifts for holiday stress time, and forever after – self-regulating and healing audio tools that quickly and easily teach people to better manage and maneuver their moods and their lives, during good times and bad.

So, check out our Friends and Family Sale to your right. Everything you need is there. And if you tend to dither, and can't decide what to pick, use our gift card!

Oh, and if you miss the cut-off date for ground shipping (that's Dec 17th, good people), we've got you covered with digital delivery.

All best,

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