We Love Nurses! Always Have, Always Will. Here’s Your Thank You Gift!

Hello!  Belleruth Naparstek here – clinical social worker and founder of Health Journeys.  We’ve been producing and distributing evidence-based, psychologically sophisticated and medically accurate guided imagery and meditation audios by foremost leaders in the mind-body field since 1991, when (trust me) it was not such a cool thing to be doing the way it is now. 

Anyway, I’m here to say:  This, People, is Nurse Appreciation Month!

Now. Let it be known that we’ve always been nuts about nurses, every month of the year; and for years we’ve celebrated Nurses in May.  So, it’s wonderful that the rest of the world has noticed the amazingness of nurses and is applauding what they do for the rest of us - with historic, unfettered enthusiasm and appreciation - thanks to their all-in response to caring for people slammed by this vicious virus, but – just sayin’ – nursing greatness is not news to us, and we’re no fly-by-night fans. 

So, our staff has been pondering: what can we do for nurses during this most overwhelming, debilitating and exhausting crisis that, sadly, is not going away any time soon… 

Last year, we put up free, de-stressing, streaming audio pages that offered some of our best, guided imagery audios for the nurses at two New York hospitals.  It was the brainchild of Jane Seley, a dedicated nurse practitioner, and certified diabetes educator and researcher.  

So, for the month of May, in 2019, at any time, day or night, nurses from these 2 hospitals (I think Weill Cornell and Beth Israel) could access targeted, self-care guided meditations for help with sleep, anxiety, burn-out, depression, grief, anger, and just basic relaxation… and a bunch of our Take5’s – those are brief but surprisingly effective breathing and yoga exercises and guided imagery experiences you can have in under 5 minutes – so that, in the middle of chaos, there can be immediate uplift, relaxation, and support – from a phone or player or laptop or any device... 

Then, a couple of months ago, what with the COVID-19 scourge and the clobbering that nurses and other health care professionals and first responders were taking, we started getting very specific and urgent requests to build pages ASAP for overwhelmed, slammed, exhausted staff… 

I mean from everywhere…. from the Massachusetts Nurses Association; from Haven of Connecticut; for the Mid-Atlantic Association of Health Centers, as part of New York State and City’s COVID training for nurses’ continuing education; and for the nurses at Stanford and the NIH; and for nearly a dozen hospitals around the country.

So, for the staff, it was a no-brainer.  We’ve learned how to build these pages quickly now, and by this time, we also pretty much know what nurses and health care providers want on these pages.  

So that’s what we’re gonna do!   Our thank you gift for nurses, for the rest of May and through June 15th (because we’re getting a late start), will be a page nurses can go to for self-care, R & R, and some tried & true healing and respite.  

This free self-care streaming page for nurses will be available 24/7, and it will be festooned with our best, state-of-the-art audio guided imagery and meditations for you to stream.  Please use it well, with our blessing.  

Oh, and let it be known that we’re currently in the process of churning out beautiful, state-of-the-art guided meditations in Spanish, thanks to the exquisite translating and magical voice of Caroline E Ortiz, MPH MSN RN NC-BC.  As soon as we release the first one for Relajación Y Bienestar, it will show up on this page, too! 

The link is here. 

It’s honor system. 

Use it if you’re a nurse or if you belong to a nurse or if you’re as loving, caring and competent as a nurse. 

Any questions about what guided imagery is, how to best use it, or what the data shows about its efficacy, please leave below. We do our best to respond!

Take care of yourselves. We love you. Over and out.